How to spice up your swimming pool   

by Pool Builders on 02-11-2012 in Articles

Kids have a short attention span, and while pools may seem like a source of endless enjoyment, sometimes children can grow tired of swimming, or maybe they just need a change in routine. But swimming pools are a great way to keep kids active! In order to get your kids back in the swimming mood, here are some tips to spice it up.


Liners do a number of functions€"they offer protection from the sun, contaminants, and physical damage€"but they also come in fun colors and patterns. There are liners specially made for in ground, above ground, or partially in ground pools. The type of liner will typically depend on the shape and needs of your pool. With all the options of colors and patterns available like fish or mosaic tiles, a pool liner can make your pool feel like a whole new swimming adventure.

Pool toys

New toys can bring any pool back to life. Floaties, noodles, inflatable mechanisms€"pool toys are a cheap and inexpensive way to keep kids interested. Toys and other swimming pool supplies can spice up any swimming pool.


Lights double the amount of time your family can spend in the pool! Swimming under the stars is a whole new experience. Pool lights can not only make night swimming possible, but fun. Lights come in a variety of fun colors and digital lights can be timed to change in a pattern.


Heating your swimming pool can bring a little summer to your winter! When kids are cooped up for the winter, they get antsy to swim again, but they don't have to wait until summer to jump back in. Pool heaters can make swimming possible at any time of the year. Many pool owners shy away from heaters because of the gas or electricity cost, but heating your pool is cheaper than you think. You wouldn't be constantly heating your pool, but only on an as-need basis. Not only that, but there are solar heaters and other low cost heating options available.


Making a change in landscaping can not only spice up your pool, but can make your whole backyard feel like new. Try adding a waterfall or planting palm trees or other shrubbery around your pool to make your pool feel like a tropical oasis.

Make sure to always supervise children when they swim, and look into safety measures like a safety cover or pool alarm to help monitor the swimming pool.

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