How to take care of the pool  

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Every day: Filtering
From 4-8 pm, according to manufacturer's instructions filter and after treatment, when appropriate.

Every two day: Control of chlorine
Apply at night to avoid evaporation. In pools of vinyl or fiber, before diluting the chlorine in a bucket with pool water. The next morning, measure the concentration of free chlorine, which must be between 1 and 3 ppm. Above and below these levels, the use of the pool should be suspended because the chlorine must be available to counter substances that may appear, creating a barrier against microorganisms that can transmit diseases. In excessive amounts can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of bathers.

Twice a week: PH control
The water pH should be between 7 and 7.4 as measured by test strip or colorimetric kit. Correct the pH, the Reducers (Light or soda) and high pH (or aluminum sulfate). Must be done before any chemical treatment, except on days when products are added to water with sodium hypochlorite, dichloro and trichloro. The pH nonstandard cause irritation to eyes and skin of bathers, damages the filtration efficiency and removes the chlorine. Repeat the process if it does not work

Once a week: Aspiration
Use the "filter" when there is little dirt, cleaning more potent, select "drain". Do not use the cable directly without any attachment at the tip to avoid damage to the lining of the pool.

Once a week: Clean edges
Use soft bristle brush or a soft piece of kitchen sponges. Do not use steel wool or scouring pads. Use cleaning products that specific pool ("clean-edge"), because other contaminating the water. Never sweep the dirt floor near the pool into the water.

Once a week: Backwash filter
Lasts 5 minutes. Necessary to maintain the good qualities of equipment, freeing the residue filtered. The water goes into the sewer. After backwashing, the process of rinsing must be done for 1 minute to prevent the dirty water back into the pool.

Once a week: Algaecide
It is used to remove algae. Do not use the same day of chlorination.

Once a week: Control of alkalinity
Measuring tape test or colorimetric kit. Should be between 80 and 120 ppm. To fix, use "lift alkalinity" and "lowering of pH. The control of alkalinity is important to maintain the pH level stable. Alkalinity nonstandard damages the equipment. Moreover, high levels cause turbidity in water.

Once a month: Much chlorination
Necessary in times of much use of the pool and after periods of heavy rain, because the addition of untreated water, and all the impurities that it brings. The pool should only be re-used when the free chlorine back to the usual standards (1-3 ppm).

Whenever necessar: Clarification and sedimentation
Perform the operation after control of alkalinity and pH. When the water is still cloudy, you should make the clarification. During the filtering, add Clarifier (Hydrated Lime is also used), which combine with the impurities and is deposited on the bottom of the pool. In critical cases, you must aspire to the fund. If there is a lot of dirt from the very Filtering eliminates impurities deposited by chemical treatment.

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