Hunt For Michael Phelps - The Swimming Olympics Gold Medal Winner

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2008 in Articles

If you are not living under a rock for the last month, you already know Michael Phelps, the swimming Olympics gold medal winner. The search for Michael Phelps and Phelps poster has gone through the roof in the last few days. A clear indication that Phelps' poster will be seen in the dorm rooms and on the walls of sports fans of high schools starting this fall. The interesting part is that it is not about Phelps poster only. Michael Phelps' popularity actually made people look up for all the swimming Olympics gold medal winners.

Even though fall is not the time for high school swimming, the pools will be busier than ever. This 21 year old Baltimore resident, Michael Phelps, is the reason for that. Swimming Olympics gold medal winner Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in a single Olympics, Phelps has broken that record. He has broken the record of winning seven gold medals in a single Olympics.

He has already been compared to Michael Jordan and Tiger woods. He is on the same path of those legends. Michael (Phelps) wants to do what Jordan has done for basketball. Of course his performance in the Olympics created a lot of interest in the game, but he is not stopping there. He is working with sports organizations, especially those that are related to swimming. He received a one million dollar bonus from Speedo swimwear. He is going to spend a part of it to increase the popularity of swimming. No wonder having a Michael Phelps poster beside Jordan's is becoming a more common sight these days.

If you look up for Michael Phelps posters, there are over thousands of them. There are some really cool ones among them. Phelps in the pool, holding his medal, posing for the camera, even autographed ones. Autographed ones are the most popular, understandably. The best part of it all probably is the fact that he is not only a true champion, but he is a young and good looking guy. It is hard to tell among which gender Phelps is more popular, but the way Phelps made America proud, he deserves to be people's number one choice.

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