Hurlcon Pool Heaters: Keeping Your Pool Water Nice and Warm

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2012 in Articles

If you own a swimming pool, it is vital to look for a heating device that's eco-friendly. If budget is a concern, then there's a need for you to check on the quality, performance, durability and efficiency of Hurlcon pool heaters that has become the most sought after brand today for pool heating purposes.

More and more pool owners and operators as well prefer utilizing solar blankets or solar pills because they are also effective if you are looking to reduce electricity cost plus they do not require you to incur large expenses in order to set it up. These blankets can actually raise the temperature of pool waters by up to ten percent. The process absorbs heat from the sun by circulating the water through the tube that is powered by a pool pump.

Great alternatives to solar covers are definitely the solar pills or the liquid solar blankets. Pool owners who want to reduce heat and chemical loss caused by preventing water evaporation find them easy to use because they don't need to put it over the pool or take them off before and after use. Look for a company that sells solar heating systems that can offer you a multitude of choices for your pool heating needs.

On the other hand, heat pumps are far better than standard gas heaters. Traditional pool heaters use gas burners and they are quite expensive to install since you need to ensure that gas lines are properly and securely installed. Hence you need to consult a professional engineer plus you also need to consider building codes. You also have to choose the type of heating device to purchase depending on the type, size and design of pool you have.

For pool owners in regions with cold climates, they find the need to use their pool heater throughout most of the year to keep their pool waters nice and warm for swimming. The heater has to work hard especially when the weather gets colder.

Sometimes, getting the pool water heated to your desired temperature may take time, especially when the weather is too cold.

Additionally, a heating device helps reduce the risk of you swimming pool pipes getting damage caused by freezing as the pipes expand during water heating. Since there are a number of pool heating techniques available for you to choose from, maintenance experts recommend that it would be smart to choose a system that combines two different types like gas and electrically powered.

Hurlcon pool heaters are indeed necessary especially for those that would want to swim at night or when the weather is too cold. Whichever type of swimming pool heating device you pick, ensure that you go for quality and durability. Check the brand as well as its reputation. Never scrimp on your budget when it comes to your swimming pool installation to ensure that you and your family will enjoy your pool the whole year round without any hassles.

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