Hurlcon Pool Pumps: Keeping Your Pool in Top Shape  

by Pool Builders on 07-28-2011 in Articles

Keeping all pool equipment like the pumps, filters, chlorinators, heaters, covers and a whole lot more will all contribute a lot in keeping your pool in top shape. It is important to install high quality equipment and tools for your swimming pool in order to run it smoothly and fuss free. Check out Hurlcon pool pumps if you are planning to replace your current pump.

Hurlcon pool pumps can help you maintain and have a clean and inviting sparkling water in your swimming pool. Basically a pump's function is to push the water through the filter in order to bring back clean debris-free water. It is important to check and see that the pump you have installed is of the right size for the type of pool you have. Correct installation is also a must to make sure it works efficiently with less energy consumption.

There are some things that you also need to check apart from the pump. By using test strips that you can buy from pool shops, you can measure the concentration level of alkali in your pool water in terms of pH levels and your chlorine levels as well. Another thing you can do is to check your pool regularly to see if you need to add chemicals and this is also a better way to find out if you need to give an algae treatment. Pumps are basic requirements in swimming pool maintenance.

Hurlcon pool pumps are one of the best products to have in keeping your valuable pool in top shape constantly. One of its models, the Hurlcon CTX pump has been designed to meet every pool needs. This model is powerful enough to use for big commercial swimming pools and spas. It is made from high quality materials and components hence it can work with greater efficiency and reduce noise levels. This type is perfectly suitable for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other usage that demand high pressure pumps.

Proper maintenance of your swimming pool will include regular checking of your water pool through testing its water chemistry such as the pH and alkaline levels of your pool water. There are procedures that you can follow and even step by step guide in doing these tests for your pool. Shock treatment for your pool has to be carried out on a weekly basis aside from the regular treatment of chlorine in order to kill harmful organisms in the water. Algae formation can be avoided though proper and regular maintenance. You can make use of algaecides to prevent pool water being contaminated by bacteria caused by algae

Swimming pools are required to be equipped with a good circulation pump that will function to make pool waters move through the pool filters regularly to discard bacteria causing debris. Every family would love to have their own swimming pool in their backyard where everyone can enjoy it anytime they want. Ensuring your pool to have clean and sanitized water all the time will require you to have a good performing pump like the Hurlcon pool pumps that are really dependable for its high quality performance every time you need it.

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