Hurlcon Pool Pumps: Making Pool Maintenance a Breeze  

by Pool Builders on 08-31-2011 in Articles

Be it your own private pool or a public swimming pool, pumps are the basic and most important tool to maintain clean and safe pool water. Swimming pool pumps play an important role in keeping the water safe from water-borne diseases and infections by filtering the water of unwanted debris as much as it can and by maintaining a constant motion through circulation thus, preventing the water from stagnation. Swimming is without a doubt a very enjoyable and relaxing activity for just about anyone, young and old but more so to the young ones. That is why we should always keep the swimming pools safe especially the public pools wherein individuals from all walks of life spend fun time swimming. No amount of cleansing and showering before a dip can assure you of safety for everyone. Hurlcon pool pumps are by far the safest and reliable swimming pool pumps for your home's pool or the public pools. Made in Australia with the best high quality materials and components, you are assured of its reliability.

Choices for Hurlcon pool pumps, range from either a Hurlcon CTX Pump, BX pump or a FX pump for your pool or spa equipment. CTX pumps perform with greater efficiency and a reduced noise level ideal for a more demanding application. It is available in six different sizes suited for your needs. The CTX 180, 280, 360, 400, 500 and 610 high performance pump. It also incorporates a large lint pot that requires minimal maintenance. BX pumps on the other hand have the ability to move more water. Pumps as we know, maintain the pool water's cleanliness by moving the water constantly so that BX pumps should be included in your choices. Even with the great demand in performance on the BX pumps, it can somehow use less power in fewer hours per day. BX pumps can demonstrate a high efficiency with very low maintenance required.

In addition, the FX series pumps are designed to also deliver power to move large volumes of water at the same time working with very little operating noise as characterized by all Hurlcon pool pumps. To add to that amazing performance, these pumps have a built-in non-return valve that eliminates reverse rotation of the impeller in high pressure situations, truly a reliable tool for your swimming pool needs and more. The FX series pumps are available in five different sizes namely the FX140 0.5hp, FX190 0.7hp, FX250 1hp, FX290 1.25hp and the FX340 1.5hp flooded suction pump. As always, these pumps perform quietly and efficiently. It is also designed for use as a booster pump where flooded suction is possible. Whereas the CTX pumps incorporate hair and lint pot in its design, this is not necessary in the FX models. These amazing choices should lead you to the right kind of pool pump suited for your pool needs and requirements. The maintenance and upkeep of your swimming pool is always a breeze with just the right kind of pool pump.

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