Hurlcon Pool Pumps: The Primary Function of Pool Pumps

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2012 in Articles

If you are considering Hurlcon pool pumps for your swimming pool at home, you will need to know and understand first the primary function of a pump in running your pool. Firstly, look at the GPM or gallons per minute flow rate for each pump and the size of the PVC pipes installed because you need to purchase one that works well and have a GPM rate for bigger PVC size.

On most residential pools' installations, using a single pump is better than two unless the swimming pool is equipped with water features that need a booster pump. Otherwise, select one by rating the gallons per minute of water flow and not the pump's motor horse power.

Most residential pools need to turn the water over 1 to 1 ½ times per day, so when checking out different models of pumps, you will need to take into account several variables like the size of your pool, the water features installed, how much sunlight your swimming pool gets, the number of people using it, the method you use for sanitizing the water and how many gallons your pump will flow per hour.

Maintenance experts recommend running the pool pump 6-10 hours per day and adjust the number of hours and the frequency based on the need. These days, most pools are equipped with 1-1/2 hp or 2 hp pumps. Installing a pump with a larger hp isn't always better. The manufacturer of the pump you chose can manipulate the horse power of the pumps' motor by changing its service factor rating, so a pool owner can actually get the exact same motor, but with the horse power needed to run their type of pool.

Pool pumps should really be able to pump all the water through the filter in 8-10 hours. It is vital to check the water flow rate, valves, and PVC turns. You need a pump with 40 GPM for smaller pools and 80 GPM for larger pools hence when looking at replacing it, do not forget to also check the flow rate of the existing filter. Keep in mind that it is more valuable to get a pump with the most gallons per minute but with a pump motor with the least horse power. When looking to build a new pool, utilize the larger PVC pipes in order to increase your pumps GPM. Other options that you can choose to invest on are the latest line of Hurlcon pool pumps equipped with pump timer, 2-speed motor and variable speed.

It is always smart to deal with reputed swimming pool construction companies as well as local agents that you can call if one of your pools' installations got damaged. It is best to acquire the services of well-skilled pool maintenance companies that can maintain not only your swimming pools' equipments, but can also supply the spare parts that need to be changed. You can count on the dealers of Hurlcon pool pumps to help you with whatever problems you may encounter running your swimming pool.

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