Hurlcon Pool Pumps: The Proper Maintenance Involved to Keep Your Pool in Top Shape  

by Pool Builders on 09-27-2011 in Articles

Owning a swimming pool regardless of style, shape and size is something that most homeowners dream of. Having a pool symbolizes luxury and love for pleasure and relaxation. To make your swimming pool provide you and your family endless joy, choose Hurlcon pool pumps.

When planning to build your own family pool, opt for a design that blends well with the beauty of your home. It must also be in harmony with the landscape in order to come up with fantastic look and exotic appeal that will make you the talk of your neighbors and friends.

So, what sort of maintenance is involved to keep your pool in top shape?

Of course, it starts with installing the best and most efficient pool pump. Hurlcon pool pumps are very popular and sought after by modern homeowners. Proper maintenance of your swimming pool water's chemistry is another important thing to consider to ensure that your pool water is safe and clean. Every pool will require certain solutions as treatment to kill all types of bacteria in the pool water using liquid chlorine. A clarifier solution is also used to bond foreign particles and debris in the water. These will then go to the bottom of the pool making it easy to vacuum. The pool should not be used as the water needs to be balanced before it can be used again. Leave for 3-4 days before using your pool.

A copper algaecide solution may also be added to the water to work with chlorine. Once chlorine mixes with the bacteria in the pool water, the chlorine becomes inactive hence it can't work properly to clean your pool. In this case, a chlorine shock treatment is necessary.

If the swimming pool has been left unattended for a month or two, the water has to be drained so that pool walls and base can be thoroughly cleaned with the use of standard pole tools, vacuum equipment and automatic cleaners before the pool is ready for a total refill. Proper swimming pool maintenance include vacuuming, setting up maintenance kit, leaf netting, pump checks, filter cleaning, backwashing, pool water testing and chemical additions which should be performed on a weekly basis.

Professional pool cleaners can re-evaluate the chemical levels of your swimming pool water. This should be performed especially after your pool was used for parties and summer get together.

A swimming pool that's well-planned, well-designed and well-maintained is a great addition to your property. What better way to keep a splendid living space and a charming outdoor than to consider Hurlcon pool pumps equipped with the latest technology. There's a Hurlcon pump for every pool type that works with a state-of-the-art advanced electronics to decrease operating costs, Co2 emissions and noise levels.

Go ahead and make a breathtaking modern retreat. You can opt to add formal spaces with a dramatic setting against a scenic view and show it off to friends.

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