Hurlcon Pump: Keeping Your Pool Free from Any Kind of Trouble  

by Pool Builders on 09-27-2011 in Articles

There is a Hurlcon pump for every type and size of a swimming pool. Having one in your property can be a blessing, especially during the hot summer months. The degree of fun and excitement that you get equates to the difficulty of keeping your it free from any kind of trouble.

Pool owners must ensure that they are well-equipped on the proper and effective maintenance methods appropriate for the type and size of their swimming pools. You need to implement daily checkups to ensure that all equipment installed is working properly especially the pump and filter. You need to ensure that you perform daily check on the chemical balance of your pool water as well.

Every owner must have a swimming pool maintenance checklist on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure that your pool is clean, safe and inviting. Just like the following.

  • Remove leaves and other debris using a strainer basket
  • Check the filter pressure
  • Check water clarity, clean the filter if necessary
  • Test the pool water for chemicals and add them if need be
  • Check the pH level of the pool water
  • Check circulation and sanitation systems

Clean and scrub the flooring and the walls of your swimming pool with the use of nylon brush. Stainless steel brush should be used to clean algae. When you clean the deck of the pool, see to it that no water enters the pool area. Don't forget to check for possible cracks on the walls and vinyl liner of your pool. These tasks should be done weekly especially if your it's used frequently.

Many homeowners with swimming pools in their backyards often decide to hire a professional pool maintenance team instead of doing the tasks themselves. This is also the reason why it is very important to get the right pool pump for your pool type.

The Hurlcon E230 Pool Pump is suitable for medium sized swimming pools and delivers a medium flow, medium pressure pump and quiet operation. It is definitely a good decision to invest in a good quality pump for a functional pool. An excellent pump ensures that your pool water is clean and filtered well hence cleaning time is reduced and should give you no big headache if you choose to do the cleaning and other swimming pool maintenance tasks yourself.

Know the causes of cloudy pool water and know the best solution. There are several factors why swimming pool water turns cloudy like chemical imbalance. The remedy for this is to perform pH test for low chlorine. Calcium hardiness of the water and not enough shocking in the pool causes high pH level.

Hurlcon pump works efficiently in circulating the pool water for filtering hence it greatly reduces the growth and formation of microscopic particles, algae, dirt and other types of debris that affect the clarity of your swimming pool water. Avoid paying the high cost of pool cleaning services by maintaining your pool properly.

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