I Love Variable Speed Pool Pumps, and Here's Why You Should Too

by Pool Builders on 01-09-2013 in Articles

If you are currently running a single speed pump for your pool, you are missing out on hundreds in savings. You are also probably running a pump that's noisy. Well here's something to get excited about; you can cut the noise down and save money doing it.

I could probably go on and on about the benefits of upgrading to these more efficient pumps, but I'll give you my five top reasons.

  • Variable speed pool pumps have reduced power usage by hundreds of thousands of kwh throughout the years.
  • These pumps have saved residential pool owners 30 to 80 percent of their annual electricity costs.
  • They have replaced obnoxiously loud single speed pumps with quieter, more versatilve models.
  • By purchasing a variable speed pool pump, you will qualify for a rebate from your power company.
  • The higher end pumps are very quiet. You can run the pump without having to hear it at night, when electric company rates are the lowest.
  • With the savings and the rebate, your new pump will give you a significant return-on-investment.

Residential swimming pools use ALOT of power. And most of this power is from running the pump. It's important not just for your pockets, but for everyone who shares the power grid.

Here is another great thing about upgrading to a variable speed pool pump, it gives you the best opportunity to switch over to saltwater as well. This is because when you switch to a variable speed pump, you will inevitably need a new controller. Well there are controllers that can handle the duties for both, take the Pentair EasyTouch for example.

Converting your pool to salt water will provide you more cost savings. It will also prevent you from the red eyes and chlorine flakiness of pools that don't use saltwater. While the price for a control system like the one mentioned above can be as much as or more than the pump itself, the improvement to your pool will undoubtedly be worth it. For example, buying salt bags for a pool averages around fifty bucks a year, while paying for chlorine is usually around seven hundred bucks annually.

In conclusion, you can see there are many benefits to switching to a variable speed pump. And if you own more than one pool, then you can even double or triple the benefits. You will also be comforted by a quieter motor, while contributing to our nation's energy conservation efforts. Get your variable speed pool pump, and enjoy!

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