Ideas For Throwing A Great Pool Party

by Pool Builders on 10-11-2006 in Articles

Deciding on throwing a pool party and need to decide what you need to get for your great party? First you need to start out with your invites, you can either find pre made ones or make them yourself. If you want to go to some extra trouble you can cut your invites to look like a pool, or even find some swimming stickers to add to your invite. You need to make sure that you place on the invite that they are to come dressed for the pool party, or that they can change at your house.

The next thing is to make sure that you're pool is taken care of, cleaned and nothing is wrong with it. You'll also want to clean up your backyard, make it presentable for everyone that is coming to your party. After that you'll be able to start decorating. Of course you need to decide what kind of party you're going to have, from just fun get together with the pool or games and more. There are some great games you can get to play, from water volleyball to diving for items on the bottom of the pool.

If you want to do some pool party favors you can find some keep canvas bags and things that your guests can decorate with. You can even buy two-dozen large balls to float in the pool, or even some rubber ducks that people can take home with them.

Anything is possible for a party like this, but make sure you have someone watching the pool at all times. Even if you have a few people that have been asked to trade off watching the pool, but make sure that they know whose turn it is to watch. Other then that it's your goal is to make sure that people are going to be safe around the water and have fun.

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