If You Have a Child, Pool Safety is an Important Concern

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2009 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your yard during the summer is always great fun-especially if you live in a hot climate where the only way to get cool is to have a dip in a pool. Swimming pools are great investments for large families as a source of entertainment for kids, particularly for families that have kids that like to swim frequently. However, there are many dangers that come with owning a swimming pool; and if you have a child, pool safety is even more important.

Safety Tip 1: Supervision

It doesn't matter if your child can swim or not. It doesn't matter if your child is older. There should always be two or three people together at a swimming pool and one should always be an adult. Many pool accidents can happen that even a good swimmer can't always avoid.

Safety Tip 2: Telephone

With modern technology it's possible to have a phone outside when you are. It is extremely vital to keep a phone nearby when you're dealing with a swimming pool. Not only will you not have to leave your children unsupervised for any amount of time, you'll have a phone nearby if a major accident does happen and you need to call an ambulance. Cordless phones aren't expensive so if you don't have one you should certainly buy one.

Safety Tip 3: Safety Tools

Items like a hook and life preserver are necessary to have near your pool as well. In most cases the best option is for an adult to jump in the pool in order to save a child if it is necessary, but those items should be available if they are needed.

Important to remember with your safety tools is that they should never be near regular pool toys. You should always know where your safety tools are and they should be easy to access.

Safety Tip 4: CPR

Because pool accidents happen it's important that if you own a pool you should know how to perform CPR. Many lives that have been lost could have been saved if people had known CPR. If CPR is something you don't know there are plenty of classes that should be offered around your community.

Safety Tip 5: Pool Accessories

Many parents rely on little floaters to help children with swimming. Never do that. You should always watch your children. Those that are relying on flotation devices should constantly be within your reach so if a child is separated from his/her flotation device you can grab him/her before he/she drowns.

All toys should be put away, as well. If a child sees something that's "fun" to jump on that's on the water there is a greater chance that there will be an accident. Use a pool house to store the toys there, if there isn't a pool house always deflate toys and put them in some kind of secure container.

Safety Tip 6: Put up a Fence

Many state and/or local governments require that certain swimming pools have a fence around them. This is great advice to follow even if your state doesn't require a fence. While a fence doesn't guarantee keeping everyone out, having a fence does better at keeping kids out of pools than not having a fence.

Safety Tip 7: Location

Where you install your swimming pool also plays a significant part in reducing the number of accidents that could occur. The further away from your back door you put your pool the chance of an accident occurring decreases. It takes less time for a kid to get to a pool right by the door than it does for a kid to get to a pool across the yard.

It doesn't take a lot for pool accidents to happen. Each precaution you take regarding your swimming pool is a step towards preventing more pool accidents. Play it smart when you are putting a pool in your yard.

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