If You Have a Swimming Pool, You Need a Raypak Millivolt

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools are wonderful places to spend your time when you want to take a break. But it is hard to enjoy the pool when you are starting to feel the chill of winter in the air. Even a chilly evening during Summer can make you feel uncomfortable.

To enjoy your pool more often throughout the year and not waste that precious investment, you need to have a Raypak Millivolt pool and spa heater. With a Raypak heater you get more enjoyment out of your investment. Your pool will be teeming with life all the time.

Controlling the temperature of this efficient heater is so easy. One mechanical thermostat is all you need to adjust to make your pool's temperature be at the level you desire. Set it once then forget about it.

Wind resistance plays a significant role in pool heater design since they are located outdoors. Other pool and spa heaters would require the installation of fans to combat drafting problems. You do not need these fans to be installed with a Raypak heater. They are thoughtfully designed for outdoor installation. A low profile gives it a low wind resistance. It is constructed in such a way that it can actually protect itself from the elements that could stop other pool heaters from functioning. This ensures uninterrupted heating even in adverse weather conditions. Raypak heaters last.

Raypak heaters compliment your pool with their attractive forest green and charcoal gray panels. The cabinet of a Raypak Millivolt heater is polyester coated and is non-corrosive. All powder coated sheet metal undergo a seven stage wash system ensuring a perfect bond of the powder paint. Since pool and spa heaters are usually located outdoors, this is a very essential feature to protect them from corrosive elements.

Aside from having a non-corrosive cabinet, the Millivolt heater's waterways are also non-corrosive. The polymer header incorporates the latest technology in header design. Raypak's engineers used advanced 3D CAD software to create this part of the waterways.

This popular pool and spa heater comes with an integral copper finned tube heat exchanger which results in maximum heat transfer. Thanks to stainless steel tube sheets, your pool will be rust-free because of a nonferrous waterway.

The price of a Raypak Millivolt heater is only a fraction of the amount you paid for your swimming pool. However, it can add to your enjoyment of one of your most expensive investments. See the links below to learn more.

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