If You Own A Swimming Pool, Are You Aware Of The Most Common Dangers That May Be Lurking Around Your Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 03-07-2013 in Articles

Although the back yard swimming pool can provide hours of great family entertainment, most homeowners are silently aware of the dangers that accompany the large body of water that is in their yard. Swimming pools are even more of a risk for families with younger children. There are several risks associated with back yard swimming pools that you should be aware of.

The Electrical System

The electrical wiring for your swimming pool should be installed by a professional and not part of a do it yourself project. Electricity and water do not mix, and when you add people to the equation, it can be deadly. Anything metal that is at least one meter away from the pool should be covered and bonded with thick ground wire. This wire should loop around all of the metal objects. Parts that are electric like pumps should also be properly connected with the appropriate ground device.

The Deck

When the deck of a swimming pool becomes older, it can become covered with algae and other things. This can make the deck an instant slip and slide when it becomes wet. You should complete routine maintenance on your deck at least once a year so the chances of someone falling on the deck will be reduced. A simple pressure wash will solve the problem for you, and you can add a sealer to help make your deck more resistant to slips and falls.

The Water

Who wants to swim in pool that has green water? Make sure that you test the quality of your water often. Visitors to your pool can be subjected to numerous illnesses because of your pool. Infections of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat are common in swimmers that swim in dirty water. You should also check the levels of the chemicals that are in your pool. Some chemicals may cause reactions in people who swim in your backyard pool.

The Pool Slide

The pool slide is not as common as it once was, and there is good reason for this change. Pool slides are very dangerous because they sit above concrete. These slides are responsible for causing some of the most serious swimming pool related accidents.

The Pool Cover

A pool cover is a great idea to protect your pool from the harsh winter elements, but they cannot support the weight of some children or pets. They may look like they can withstand someone walking across them, but they can place people in serious danger.

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