If You Want To Swim in the Open Water, There Are Some Safety Tips That You Should Implement During Your Experience  

by Pool Builders on 03-07-2013 in Articles

When you first swim in the open water, you may feel like a fish that has been released from a fish bowl. You are no longer confined to the barriers of a swimming pool, and the claustrophobic feeling that you have felt for years has finally melted away. The open water will allow you the freedom that you may have never felt whilst swimming.
Open water refers to any body of water including:
€ Oceans
€ Rivers
€ Lakes
€ Ponds

Most people who are interested in marathon swimming, or are swimming for a competition, choose to swim in open water because it increases your stamina. But, there are more people that are choosing to swim in open water so they can stay in great shape. Although it can be invigorating to swim in open water, you should still follow the same safety tips that you followed when you were swimming in a pool. There are even some extra tips that you should follow when you are in open water.

Do Not Jump Into the Water

Never jump directly into the water, and do not jump into the water especially if the water temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. If the water is at this temperature or below, you should only enter the water once you have put on a wet suit. You should also put on a swimming cap and ear plugs so you can stay warm. These accessories will also keep you from getting infections. Also make sure that you gradually introduce your body to the cold water temperatures. You can start by submerging your body in the water for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and gradually extend the amount of time that you stay in the water every time you go for a swim.

Once you have left the water immediately remove your wetsuit, dry yourself off, drink something warm, and put on warm clothing. You will need to do all of this so your body temperature will return to normal.

Do Not Swim By Yourself

You should always swim with a buddy or a group of people. There is a lot of unseen danger that is in open water. You can become trapped in a current or in seaweed, and you will need someone there that can assist you.

Apply Sunscreen

If you are swimming on a hot day, you should apply sunscreen before you enter the water. You should also reapply the sunscreen every 30 minutes you remain in the water. Even though you are in the water, you can still develop sunburn.

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