If You Want to Get Fit, Get Swimming!  

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2013 in Articles

Looking for a form of exercise that does it all - cardio, strength and stretching, with a stress-busting element to match? Try swimming!

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, and with the proliferation of gyms with swimming pools it is easier than ever to incorporate an aquatic element into your fitness routine. Here are five reasons why you should give swimming a go.

It's a multi-tasking form of exercise

Most of us are somewhat time-poor these days. It's hard enough to find any time to exercise at all, but finding time to do cardio training and work on our strength and fit in some stretching as well? Hardly realistic. Swimming is brilliant for this dilemma because it does it all: The resistance of the water - which is twelve times greater than air - means that any movement is effectively a strength training exercise. The moves you make while performing different strokes serve to gently stretch the muscles. And if you swim fast enough, the cardio workout comes automatically.

It's gentle on your joints and muscles

When you're up to yur neck in water, you're only bearing 10% of your body weight. The water bears the other 90%. This makes swimming a very gentle exercise for your joints and muscles. You're far less likely to suffer the kind of gradual wear and tear or even outright injury that comes with high-impact aerobic exercise. Swimming can even help to ease arthritis - that's how good it is for your joints!

It'll relax your body and your mind

That floaty feeling of having the water bear your weight is very relaxing for you physically and mentally. Your muscles aren't having to work so hard just to counter gravity, and the rhythmic repetition of swimming laps can have an almost hypnotic effect on your mind. Swimming is a great stress-buster.

It's an effective weight-loss strategy

Weight loss is another area where swimming is a fantastic multi-tasker. As an aerobic exercise that works all of your muscles, it burns calories and is a way of achieving a leaner figure. In addition, the water itself can help you to lose weight. As long as you don't go for a swimming pool that's at bath temperature, the fact that the water is cooler than your body will mean that you're burning extra calories just to keep warm.

It's easier than ever to go swimming

Swimming was once the domain of the elite or privileged. This is no longer the case. There are around 200 public swimming pools in London alone, many of which offer free swimming sessions or lessons, and the number of gyms with swimming pools is constantly increasing. Swimming has become accessible and affordable for all.

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