Illuminate Your Pool In Unique Ways

by Pool Builders on 01-06-2011 in Articles

Back in the day, flood lights illuminating the pool deck and a few recessed lights at the bottom of the pool were your lighting options. Those days are gone and pool designers realized that by adding different types of lighting in various areas both in and around the pool add to the ambiance and decor.

The choices for lighting are almost as endless as the designs of pools available. If homeowners want to do away with the need to run additional electric lines they can install fiber optic swimming pool lights. Low voltage, low profile lights can be added to cast a more ambient glow in your pool or in a hot tub.

Swimming pool lights were originally considered functional pieces of equipment rather than something that could be added to the pool as a design function. Lighting can be used enhance the mood your pool adds to the backyard. Lights can be installed beneath the water's surface and can be run on a light-board set up type system where the pool owner can change the color and brightness of the lights and which lights are even running - simply with the touch of a few buttons. Having a party and want to add a disco feel? Flip a few switches. Looking into a relaxing, romantic night at home, turn the lights to an amber glow and you're all set - all with the flip of a switch or two.

Colors, the arrangement and the power of illumination, colors can now do so much more than simply light up the swimming pool area so that your children can swim at night.

You should discuss your lighting options when you meet with your pool designer as they are easier to incorporate during the install than after. However, if you have a pool that needs a facelift, you can certainly add lighting to the project. Ask your pool contractor about installing waterproof light switches beneath the waters' surface so you can choose the types of lights you want to run without having to leave the comfort of the swimming pool.

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