Important Benefits of Having Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators  

by Pool Builders on 02-14-2012 in Articles

People are now concerned regarding the pool chemicals and its side effects. This concern has resulted into many pool supplies and alternative sanitation systems addressing these concerns. The most popular options are swimming pool chlorinators. These work on adding table salt in the right concentrations. The pool water passes the chlorinator cell and creates pure chlorine gas and in this process electrical charge between plates takes place splitting the salt into sodium and chlorine. The salt in this process is used again and again to manufacture chlorine.

The benefit of this chlorinator system is it produces chlorine insides and eliminates buying counter chlorine tablets as well as liquids that irritate the eyes and skin of bathers. The chlorine generators are with major pool supply manufacturers and vary in size and cost, depending on the brand.

Buying a hayward salt chlorinator is a healthy choice as sanitizing system for a pool. It works electrically by charging salt ions and is the best way of sanitizing pool water. This completely averts manually handling dangerous chemicals and also risking the chlorine levels in the water. Above all the salt chlorinator keeps safe and constant low level of producing chlorine. The initial investment is later outweighed by long term benefits.

Buying or making an investment is rightly done with some market research. You should ask people the reason for switching from chemicals to salt chlorinators and know about generators. However, the prominent choice is Hayward Salt chlorinator as they surpass the expected lifespan. The salt generated chlorine is simple as salt is a natural substance and hence is not dangerous to the skin.

Hayward salt chlorinator is designed to handle all types of pool and is also referred to as a salt chlorinator. It has all the functions as well as features, but offers low chlorine output. It also has pool filtration pump with a time clock. The saving on electrical power and chlorine makes it easy to operate. The turbo cell of this salt chlorinator offers maximum efficiency besides flow rate. It is easy to handle and install and hardly takes 30 minutes. The quality water is ascertained and allows you to swim readily. Moreover, it gives a soft silky feel on the skin and prevents eyes from becoming red. There is 24 hour times allowing multiple pump periods. It is featured with manual on and off, while the microprocessor automates all functions.

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