Important Considerations for Building Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2011 in Articles

If you're interested in having a swimming pool built in your backyard, make sure you hire professionals to help you with the planning. While it sounds fun, it can be a long and complicated process and having the right contractor means having an expert who can help you plan and execute the project effectively.

Get in touch with a custom designer who can work with the perfect pool for your needs. There are tons of elements to consider when building pools. How big should the pool be? Is the area outside optimal for building an in-ground pool? What are the local building codes?

How Big Should Your Pool Be

The first thing to consider is whether the ground is sturdy enough to build the size of the pool you desire and whether you going to have to remove tree roots or rocks. The removal of excess ground elements will be costly and only take more time, keeping you from you installing your pool. Also, if your land is uneven, you might need to have it leveled. The pool builder can inspect your land and pick a location to put the pool that will be optimal, saving you time and cash. Make sure to build with a flat surface, in some area where there are not tons of pipes or cables in the ground that would have to be moved.

Is the Area Optimal for In-Ground Pools

Even if you're lucky enough to have a backyard big enough to build a pool, the ground itself might not be the best for an in-ground pool. Consider the fact that a lot of weigh from the pool will be pressing against the ground in your backyard. The soil needs to be able to maintain a pool. If your pool sits on nothing but organic matter, it is going to sit there while the organic matter decays. As a result, your pool will sink and crack. To prevent this from happening, ask a pool installation profession to install additional support (such as pilings) to prevent cracking. Also, if your soil is really sandy, the excavation could collapse while the pool is being built. Make sure you have a professional who can handle these kinds of issues.

Understanding the Local Building Codes

Towns have bylaws for building any improvement on your property. Your pool builder should know all local building codes for pools in your town, but you can always look them up yourself before construction begins. Local laws regulate the size of a pool and where it can be placed. Will you need to obtain a permit? Will you need to build a fence of a certain height around the pool? These are tough questions to consider. If permits are required, who is responsible for applying for and obtaining the permits? Make sure that you discuss these issues well in advance. You may also need approval from the local building or safety department when your pool is completed.

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