Important Factors to Consider When Building a Pool  

by Pool Builders on 07-25-2014 in Articles

It's hard for most people to hide the excitement of purchasing a new in-ground swimming pool but before you dive in, there are important facts you need to put into consideration first. These factors will determine the final look of your pool. When you have a clearly outlined plan, it will help maximize your investment and your general enjoyment of the pool. Here are some important factors that need giving a serious thought before building your perfect pool.

1.The Design.
The design is one factor that plays a major role in the planning of your pool's construction. From the very early stages of the purchase process you need to consider the design. Who the pool is for and what will it be used for? For example a family pool with young children will automatically differ from one with no children or a family that loves entertainment. In terms of shape, there is conventional shape, geometric shape and a conventional-geometric hybrid.

The primary uses touches on things like hanging out, sports, playing poolside basketball or lounging, just to mention a few. Will the user want it for therapeutics, exercise, lap swimming and casual diving?

2. Size of the yard.
Another great important factor is the yard dynamics. You will find that some particular shapes and designs are most suited for certain yards than others for example, rectangular pools sometimes don't agree well with tight, oddly-shaped or small yards. On the other hand, free-forming pools with no defined geometric lines are more fitting for such yards. First, inspect your yard very keenly in order to get an idea of the look, shape, feel and size for your pool. The space of your yard and its proximity to your home may influence the design of your pool. Also, the nature of the yard plays a part in the design; does it pose any challenges for a particular pool design?

3. Pool size.
Most people are drawn to irregular pools simply because they find it visually pleasant. What they fail to realize is that sometimes you have to compensate by building a larger sized pool. Free-form pools start off as a regular shaped pool which then reduces as you begin to fiddle with the radiuses and change the shape hence a larger pool. Consider how much the usage area and effective swimming will be accessible based on the shape. When looking for the pool design, inquire about the square footage of the pool.

4. Specialty options and features.
This significantly affects the look, size and shape of the pool. Do you visualize a detached or attached spa, or a rock waterfall or even a sun deck? Some are suited to specific pools and not others. For example, an enormous sun deck can either add to your pool size or minus. It is important to incorporate the possibilities you want built into your pool. Your selected features basically determine the aesthetics and shape of your pool.

In conclusion, it is important to consider these factors when building your pool. Other factors include your budget range and material used in building the pool. Before you embark on building a pool, sit down and think of all these factors then precede to the next phase which is the actual building phase. Established and reputable pool builders should offer you proper advice and assist you in making the right choice.

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