Important Things to Consider When You're Opting Swimming Pool Fencing  

by Pool Builders on 06-14-2011 in Articles

When you are opted to place a pool fence for your swimming pool you have to consider few aspects of fencing. As main purpose of swimming pool fencing is to provide safety to your family therefore, you should consider all possible measures.

First thing we should keep in mind is that swimming pool fencing is governed by laws and rules applied by state law. These laws are different for every country considering their habitat and environments. For example US laws are different from Australian pool fencing laws.

Some generalized laws are as follow:

Height: As pool fencing is to stop children from accessing pools without any supervision therefore generalized height of pools fences are 4 feet.

Support: The swimming fences should be constructed without any support available to children like foot rest etc so that it would avoid the crossing over offence.

Spacing: The spacing between the panels of fencing should be considered carefully as advised spacing is not more than 4 inches so children cannot cross between fences.

The Gate: Gates are important access point of pool fences so they should be designed carefully by keeping following laws in consideration. Gates should be open outwardly and should have self closing system. The locks should be located at least 3 feet above the ground and inside the fence towards the pool. It makes the access of children to gate difficult.

Space of fence from ground level: Fence should be fewer than one and three quarter inches level from ground. It disables the access of children beneath the fence.

Fence Materials:

When choosing the swimming pool fence second aspect to safety is the material of fence. You should choose material according to your taste and available cash. Few available materials for fencing are as follow:

Aluminum: As it puts a clear demarcation line between your pool and grounds therefore, it is good choice if you want your pool to be visible structure of your house. It is durable and easy to handle.

PVC: It is easy to handle material with low cost and give complete privacy. But without the proper intention it can ware off and you can go through fungal problems.

Woo: This type of fencing is low in cost and you can modify it as you desire. It is higly fashionable choice but the difficult aspect is maintenance of wood. You need to pain and repaint the wood frequently to avoid damages.

With help of considering few aspects you can construct a well build safety structure for your family.

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