Improvements that Could Improve Your Home Resale Value  

by Pool Builders on 05-22-2011 in Articles

So many home owners out there ask themselves what can they do to their homes in order to increase its value on the market. A repaint and some landscaping may be the first thing to come to mind, but the vast majority of home buyers are looking for something with a new kitchen and bathroom. The major improvements are capable of making the home more appealing giving it a more vibrant profile. In the real estate market today, carrying out the remodelling which will attract the most buyers giving you the most returns could be what you need. Seek council from an expert in the area to find out what others are doing to increase the value of their properties. When making improvements think about the resale, and remember not all improvements to a home improves its value. There are some improvements made to a home that could potentially decrease its value, so be weary.

Swimming Pools: Although adding a swimming pool to your home is a luxury to some and a major financial investment, it is also considered a nuisance to others. The majority of pools have to be continually maintained and could be a safety hazard for younger kids, this is an improvement that could either discourage some potential buyers or result in them asking for a lower price. This is typically the case in areas that have general warm weather all year round.

Backyard Ponds and Landscapes: a yard that is neat and landscaped is capable of attracting buyers, creating an excellent first impression; however features that require continual maintenance and constant attention are capable of discouraging the buyer when they come back for their second visit. If you want to add some landscaping to your home in order to increase its value, make sure it's simple.

DIY Home Improvements: New kitchens, bathrooms and desks are capable of increasing the value of your home, making it more appealing to the buyer unless it's poorly put together. If renovation work is poorly done or sloppy, then it's capable of putting off a large number of your prospects.

Personalised or Trendy Renovations: Making your home your own personal canvas may get you compliments from family and friends, but you may receive a totally different reaction from potential buyers. Properties that are unique tend to appeal to a small submarket which makes them very difficult to profit from, especially during harsher economic times. Consider decors that are universal in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

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