Improving the Pool With the Right Kind of Steps

by Pool Builders on 03-02-2014 in Articles

A critical part of pool design relates to how to get in and out. For the shallow end of the swimming pool, it benefits to include a set of steps. Although for safety reasons, a ladder is also necessary. A pool ladder in the deep end is a practical safety feature. Pool steps are a preferred means of entering and exiting the in-ground pools for the elderly and small children.

Installing the right style of steps

In general, pool steps come in one of two choices: drop in or moulded in pool steps. A permanent fixture like the moulded in steps are included at the time of the original construction. Re-moulding a swimming pool is a difficult and expensive process, so it rarely benefits to add moulded in steps after the pool is complete. For instance, adding the moulded steps to the fiberglass pool means a complete replacement of the existing shell. An appealing quality of the moulded steps is the ability to create unique designs. They can feature in whatever shape or style you prefer.

Also, the moulded steps are able to complement the look of the pool. They are able to perfectly match the appearance of the shell. Because the steps are part of the original shell, there is no need to worry about the clashing with the pool liner or aging differently.

If planning on updating the swimming pool without steps, the best course of action is to use a set of drop-in steps which complement the look of the swimming pool. They come in a variety of designs and styles. Drop-in steps are often chosen based on the pool's layout. Common designs choices include the straight, rectangular and wedding cake. The drop-in steps are secured to the decking using the handrails. Also, the bottom section of the steps is filled with ballast to make sure they stay in place.

Provided the steps are solidly attached in place, they are just as safe and attractive as the permanent fixtures. An advantage of installing the drop-in steps is the ease in cleaning. By detaching the handrails and pulling the steps out, you are in a better place to wash them compared to the moulded step.

Even though installing the steps is a lot more expensive compared to placing pool ladders in several areas around the pool, they are often much more appealing to look at and easier to use for everyone in the family.

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