In At The Deep End Of The Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 03-15-2012 in Articles

Do you or your kids love swimming? But do you find yourself pushed for time to go the local pool? So do you dream of having your own swimming pool, but think that only millionaires can afford them?

It could be that you see pictures of swimming pools in magazines and think that they are all far bigger than you could ever fit in your garden, and that they must cost a fortune to install.

Well if you believe any of the above misconceptions, then think again, as that is what they are, misconceptions!

The fact is that pools, even large ones, are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous, although do not get us wrong, it is still easy to go and spend £250,000 on a guitar shaped swimming pool with a rock waterfall.

Firstly if you want a swimming pool to exercise in then you no longer need a 30ft pool to do laps in, as you can buy very small pools that enable you to have an "Endless swim" as they have an adjustable water jet at one end, so to exercise you simply swim towards the jet, and the pressure pushes you backwards, so you can literally swim for as long as you want in the same direction. The effort required to swim forwards is governed by the height of the water jet in the pool.

These are a great option if you have restricted space. However it maybe that you have a very large garden but are still put off by the £30,000 plus price of an in ground concrete pool that will take 8 to 10 weeks to build. Yet did you know you could now build the same sized pool in around just 10 days using a simple in ground pool kit?

The only thing we would say is as when buying any type of pool, then think about how you are going to heat it (Gas, electric, heat pump, or solar energy) before buying it. You will only enjoy your pool if it is warm enough to swim comfortably in, as if you cannot afford to heat it then you will end up hating it, as you will not be using it.

There are now many different forms of swimming pools around, from cheap above ground ones, to metal liner ones that can be installed in a couple of days and look fantastic when installed. So do some research, as maybe that dream swimming pool is more affordable than you thought?

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