In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems Make Maintenance Easier

by Pool Builders on 12-31-2010 in Articles

Along with pool ownership comes pool maintenance and when the time comes to clean the pool, everyone who swam in it disappears and the chore begins. Everyone loves the swimming and fun times but no one wants to be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of it. However, when you own a pool, it's an unavoidable task unless you want to be swimming around in dirt and leaves and algae filled water.

Today's ever changing pool technologies offer myriad types of pool cleaning options from pressure cleaners, suction cleaners, robotic cleaners and in-floor pool cleaning systems.

In-floor pool cleaning systems, while the most expensive, are generally the most efficient and allow you to be more hands off when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance. The in-floor cleaning system comes with multiple jets that are installed at various areas throughout the pool - and are generally installed when the pool is being constructed. When you turn on the system, the jets stir up the water using high pressure streams that pus the dirt and debris along the walls and floor toward a main drain that is then moved through the pool filtration system.

An in-floor pool system, which is typically custom designed, can add thousands of dollars to the initial price of your pool installation. The pay off, though is that the price you pay for upfront installation can save you time and hours of cleaning, or of having to hire a pool maintenance professional to perform the upkeep. Additionally, if you have the in-floor system, you won't have to buy a separate vacuum/suction set up and you won't have to spend the daily time to clean it.

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