In Ground Lap Pools - Designed For Fitness

by Pool Builders on 11-19-2007 in Articles

When thinking about swimming pools, most people envision the elaborate design and landscaping associated with hotel and resort pools. While pools certainly can be used for recreational purposes a growing number of people are recognizing swimming for its exercise benefits. More and more pools are being built with fitness in mind.

A large reason why so many pools are built with fitness in mind is that swimming is a highly effective form of exercise. Not only is it an aerobic exercise comparable to walking or even running, but it is less stressful on joints because the water supports the body and reduces the force of impacts. To facilitate swimming for fitness, special pools have been designed, such as above-ground or in ground lap pools.

A lap pool is a small, rectangular shaped pool that was created for the sole idea of swimming laps. The primary purpose of this pool is for exercise instead of recreational swimming. Regular swimming pools are often circular or have unique shapes, whereas these are often long and narrow. Sometimes, these pools are only one lane long - perfect for a back and forth swim.

A neat feature to some is to have a flowing current. A one directional current can be added to both the above ground or inground lap pools. The purpose of this is to provide an endless swimming pool feature. This provides an excellent workout for the avid exerciser as they attempt to swim against the current. In ground ones can be put indoors or outdoors. Indoor pools are less sensitive to changes in outside temperature, but even an outdoor pool can be made to work year-round. Heated pools are popular in both businesses and homes, and make swimming comfortable no matter the season.

The cost of installing a lap pool depends on the size of the pool and which features are to be included. Usually, a larger pool will cost more to install. Adding features such as heating systems and automatic current will also increase the price.

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