In Ground Pool Cleaner

by Pool Builders on 01-24-2010 in Articles

You have made a heavy investment in an in ground swimming pool and it is now important to keep that pool in good order. Whether your in ground pool is vinyl, granite or fiberglass, with use and the elements it will need maintenance. Part of that maintenance requires you to keep that swimming pool clean in order for you, family and friends to have a comfortable and healthy swim.

In ground pool cleaners come in an assortment of types. There are: suction cleaners, pressure cleaners and now robotic automatic pool cleaners. In choosing your cleaner you have to do so according to the kind of pool you have. When searching for the cleaner be sure you have the name, model number and size of the pool with you so that the people at the pool store can help you make a choice. In addition to the cleaners mentioned above there is also a leaf canister cleaner that catches leaves, small twigs and other debris. This canister has to be cleaned manually but you do not have to handle the debris in the canister. You handle only the canister itself and dispose of the debris into any trash container.

The newest of the in ground pool cleaners is the robotic automatic cleaner. It uses pressure to clean the floor and walls of the pool of all debris and algae without the use of the pool's filtration system. The robotic cleaner has a single motor and can clean the pool in about two hours. It's cleaning does not require the use of any chemicals, water or electricity. The latter makes the robotic cleaner cost efficient and eco friendly.

If you have taken the time to choose your in ground swimming pool and make the investment then it would only be wise and prudent to research and find good efficient in ground pool cleaners. A good efficient cleaner is an investment along with the swimming pool. This investment is not monetary but for the health and comfort of your family and friends. Enjoy your swimming pool

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