In-Ground Pool Cleaner- How to Make Sure You Select the Best Pool Cleaner  

by Pool Builders on 04-01-2012 in Articles

In-Ground Pool Cleaner- How to Make Sure You Select the Best Pool Cleaner for Your in Ground Pool

One of the simplest ways to clean a pool is with an automatic pool cleaner. No, this isn't chemicals that you put into your pool water; it is a gadget that usually attaches to the intake or exhaust of your filtration system. You could utilize a manual cleaner but they are time consuming, messy and a waste of resources. Some of the biggest names in pool equipment manufacture robotic cleansing devices like Hayward and Polaris. They make them for both residential and commercial use and in every size and design imaginable. There are a few things to consider before buying one though.

One of the first things to take into consideration is finding the dimensions of your pool is another thing to consider. Regardless of the activity in your swimming pool, your pool requires a certain size cleaner to keep it clean. This is determined by the number of gallons of water it holds. A smaller pool will need a cleaner that will pump a smaller amount than a much larger pool. Budget is another consideration. Just because you have $400 to spend doesn't mean you should spend it all on a cleaner.

If your swimming pool requires automatic pool cleaners that cost that much then fine but if you can find one that does the same job for less, jump on it. The activity that the pool sees - this will determine the strength of the cleaner you will need. If you purchase one that is too modest, it will not clean the water like it is designed to do. One that is too big will require more energy than required to be efficient. The size of your swimming pool - the size of your pool will determine the dimensions of the pump available for the cleaning gadget to attach to. Various models will fit different dimensions hoses. Your budget - this will determine the cleaner you choose as well. Some residential swimming pools see very little or occasional activity. It is better to get a pool cleaner that is reasonably larger than you need than one that is too small. If you determine that "if the swimming pool was cleaner we would use it more" then by all means buy the larger cleaner. It isn't recommended that you buy one that is excessively large though. This would require more energy to operate.

No matter what the dimensions of your swimming pool is, the activity it sees or the budget of your pocket, you should be able to find a cleaning device that will do the job for you. The prices of your pool cleaners will depend on the choices and options you choose. You may also want to consider shopping online. Obviously, before you purchase an in ground pool cleaner you have to make sure that it will work well for your pool but gathering some information and reviews that will help you make an informed decision and give you the best chance of making a purchase that you will not regret.

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