In Ground Pool Installation - Increase the Value of Your Property

by Pool Builders on 09-04-2011 in Articles

There has been a long running dispute on whether a swimming pool adds value to a home or detracts from it. The first thing to understand is the real value of the swimming pool, which has something to say about the product chosen.

Of course, an above ground pool probably takes away from the value of any home, because it is temporary and doesn't offer much in the way of appearance when compared to an in-ground pool.

A rule of thumb on the type of pool to install is that it should cost no more than 10% of the value of the home. This is no set requirement, of course; it just makes sense that an expensive pool installed in the yard of an inexpensive house would never bring much compensation should the owner decide to sell. The type of pool should be Gunite or fiberglass because they are much more valuable than liner pools.

Some realtors say that a pool will increase the value of a home by as much as $17,000 or more, while others in the profession believe it to be under $10,000. Based on tax appraisals, it seems that the swimming pool does add value, at least to the tax base.

Here are two of the variables that affect whether value is added to a home with an in ground pool or not.

Variable 1 - The Home Buyers

A person selling a home with a pool will find some buyers who aren't interested for several reasons, including:

  • They have small children and worry they might drown
  • They have other desires for their backyards
  • They don't swim and don't want to pay money for something they won't use
  • They don't want the added expense of maintaining the pool

There are many other reasons to give for why some people prefer houses without pools, but there are many homebuyers who would love to have a pool already in the ground and operational, and they will pay more money to get it.

Variable 2 - Climate

It may be a bad idea to have an in ground pool installed in a part of the country with very short summers. After all, a pool is an expense year-round if the water stays in it.

If there are only two months to swim, it's pretty hard to justify the added cost. Of course, anyone who loves to swim should consider an enclosed pool with a heater. That way the pool would have more value and the weather would not matter; it could be enjoyed year-round. It also makes pool maintenance much easier.

In warmer climates, most authorities agree that the in ground pool is an added value to the home. People actually pay more for homes with pools in certain areas. California, Florida, Arizona, and many other places with long summers can expect real value from the addition of an in ground swimming pool.

Not everyone wants a pool solely for a higher home resale value. As a matter of fact, some people don't expect to sell their homes at all. Many homeowners want the pool because it adds value to their home and provides enjoyment for them and their families. That's the best value of all for an in ground swimming pool!

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