In-Ground Pool Kits Help Save Money

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2014 in Articles

Rather than going to the expense of hiring a professional pool contractor, an in-ground pool kit offers the chance to install a swimming pool at a more cost-effective rate. A full installation provided by a pool contractor can cost up to $45,000 or more. However, by purchasing one of the pool kits, you get access to the concrete blocks and liner for about $2000 to $4500. By taking on the responsibility of completing the installation work yourself, you save even more money. A well-installed pool kit is almost the same in appearance as the professionally installed models.


Even though the in-ground kits are more affordable than professionally installed units, it is still necessary to carefully plan the finances for each aspect of the pool installation. Pool kits can vary in relation to what is included. A pool kit might include the blocks and liner, while another kit is limited to maintenance equipment, chemicals, plumbing and filtration system. Besides the installation of the actual pool and related equipment, you also need to leave aside enough money to landscape the surround area, install fencing, and get installation permits.


Once the budget is allocated in the right places, it is possible to start the process of planning the installation in the backyard. Carefully measure the available space where you plan on installing the in-ground pool. They can range in size and shape. A typical size pool kit might measure 20 x 10 ft to 40 x 20 ft. The depth at the deep end can also vary. This may range from 5 to 9 ft or more. By measuring the available space in the backyard, it is possible to decide the type and shape of pool to match the finances.


Each of the in-ground pool kits comes with complete instructions related to the installation process. Most of the kits reply on steel panels or polymer for the outer wall surfaces. The most cost-effective option is polymer, but this material is more susceptible to damage during the installation process.

Although the pools kits come in several different types, styles and sizes, the basic process of installing the pool is essentially the same. Firstly, it is necessary to excavate a hole in the lawn large enough to accept the basic shell construction of the pool. Once the wall panels are installed, you can start working on the plumbing system and related hardware.

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