In-Ground Pool Prices: The True Cost of Owning and Maintaining an In-Ground Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2011 in Articles

When planning to install a new swimming pool, it is not enough to just look into various in-ground pool prices as the true cost of owning a pool does not end here. A lot of people who purchase swimming pools or buy houses with pools do not realize the true cost of owning and maintaining a swimming pool especially an in-ground one.

First of all, an in-ground swimming pool isn't something that the average person can install himself. There are things to consider like the necessary permit to get, equipments and equipment operators to dig the hole for the pool as well as the installation process itself. Contacting a service that specializes in the installation of swimming pools is often the sensible course to follow. After everything is done, depending on the size, depth, material, etc., the cost of installing an in-ground swimming pool is around $25,000. But it doesn't stop there.

Additional costs start with filling the pool. Though some installers include the cost of filling the pool with the cost of installation, many companies do not include this service. if you have to fill the pool, there will surely be associated costs unless you get your water supply from a well. Still, there is the possibility of overtaxing the well by using more water than can be replaced in a reasonable timeframe. You can hire a service to fill your pool and the cost of this depends on some factors like the distance the water needs to be hauled.

Other costs to consider other than initial in-ground pool prices are:

The cost of pool heating - if you live in a climate that is warmer than other parts of the country then this is not a problem. However, even intermittent pool heating could cost you $500 USD.

The cost of fencing - installing a safety fence around the pool is necessary especially in homes with kids or with a mentally handicapped. Depending on the complexity of the set up, a professionally installed fence can cost you thousands.

Higher insurance premiums - when a pool is installed, your homeowner's insurance will likely increase as well. A lot of carriers will recommend carrying at least a $1 million dollar liability policy and this is in addition to the safety fence requirement.

Maintenance - this could be an on-going cost and may include; changing the water monthly, swimming pool kits, repairs, operation of the filtration system, pool resurfacing (every 10 or 15 years maybe).

Indeed, there are other things to consider beyond looking at in-ground pool prices in the market.

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