In Ground Pools: Choosing the Right Size  

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2012 in Articles

Homeowners see in ground pools as a way to add to the enjoyment of the area around their home. These additions can also add value to the property. It can be exciting to know that once the project is complete and summer comes around, you could be sitting on the pool deck with a cold drink in your hand, enjoying the new changes you have made. As you look to get the process started, the size of the addition is one of the most critical decisions that you are going to make.

The Size of Your Yard

While you may want to look at Olympic-sized in ground pools as an option, your yard will be the first deciding factor. If you have the room, you are all set. If your yard can't handle that type of change you need to rethink your original idea. Sometimes just looking out into the space behind your home, it can be difficult to determine how much room you really have. A true to scale drawing will give you a better idea.

Measure the space and add in anything already in the backyard. Include your patio, garden, gazebo or doghouse in the drawing. Some things can be moved in order to make room for one of the in ground pools that you are looking at. Other items are permanent and you need to be able to work around them. As you create the drawing, make sure you know that most of the time a pool will need to be a certain distance from a home, a fence or even other objects in your yard.

The Number of Swimmers

You know how much space you have to work with and now you want to concentrate on what size in ground pools to go with. It can be wonderful to have a huge pool, but if it isn't getting a lot of use, it may seem like a waste of money. On the other hand, if you know that the kids or grandkids will attempt to spend their entire summer in the water, you want to make sure that everyone has room.

Also, take into consideration the idea that the number of people that want to be in the pool could increase over time. If you have younger children now, remember that they will grow up and want to invite all of their friends over for a swim. Look at what you need now and what you might potentially need in the future.

The Cost of Maintenance

Remember that the larger in ground pools may have a higher maintenance cost. If you heat the water, there is more of it to get warm. If you are using traditional chlorine, there will be more space and water to cover. Keep these things in mind when you set up an appointment with a professional.

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