In-Ground Swimming Pools  

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In-Ground Swimming Pools

Owning a pool can be one of the most rewarding investments that you will ever make. You can create a lifetime of priceless and irreplaceable memories by having a pool. Plus, your own pool improves your and your family's mental and physical well-being by providing both stress relief and the perfect exercise solution.

In-Ground Pool Basics

An in-ground pool typically has a deep end of six feet; a deeper pool means you can have a diving board, a slide, fancy lights, and waterfalls. In-ground pools come in a greater variety of attractive shapes. You can even have one designed that fits the space of your yard and goes with the style of your house.

An in-ground pool is significantly more expensive but is worth it price as these pools are generally more aesthetically appealing and can increase the sale price of your home, especially in areas away from the coast.

In-ground pools require excavation and construction permits, and they can take anywhere from three to twelve weeks to construct, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Types of In-ground Pools

There are basically three types of in-ground pools available fibreglass, gunite and vinyl liner

Inground Gunite

Gunite pools are the most elaborate of all the pool categories. These are permanent, reinforced pools with concrete and plaster instead of liners. Excavation is also necessary, and a wide variety of special options such as waterfalls, custom steps, and beach entrys can be easily added to complement these high-quality pools. Gunite pools are often seen in commercial applications; many private homeowners, however, also choose gunite pools for their flexibility since they can be built in any shape. Gunite pool owners can also choose from many plaster finishes or pebble applications for the pool floor, allowing for maximum creativity. The high quality of these pools usually puts them in the highest price range.

In-ground Vinyl

Traditional inground pools usually have reinforced walls with vinyl-liners. Rectangular pools are most common, but an interesting variety of L-shaped, free form, and other shapes are also available. Vinyl have many new liner patterns and colors, so there are many options pool owners can choose to enhance their poolscapes. Excavation as with most in-ground pool is necessary before installation. Optional features add to the price, but they are often worth the extra cost for the aesthetic benefits.


Another popular selection is a fiberglass pool. These units are a one-piece shell, which is installed directly into the ground. These types of pools are usually made of a full fiberglass molded shell, but some combine concrete or other materials with the fiberglass. You can choose lots of styles and shapes; delivery and installation are normally faster than traditional in-ground construction pools. Some pool owners prefer the fiberglass finish, which eliminates the need for liners and re-surfacing. Fiberglass swimming pools can be easier to maintain, requiring fewer chemicals.


As there are so many options, for In-ground pools it is important to find a pool builder who is knowledgeable as well as independent. It is also a good idea to research and get at least three to four quotes from different contractors to get the best price.

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