In a Pool of Available Waterproof iPhone Cases, Which One Is a Good Purchase?

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2012 in Articles

The needs of humanity are continuously addressed by men of technology. They persistently find ways on how to make everyday living more convenient. They continue to experiment on various things, and in turn invent and innovate, in which the end products ultimately solve the prevailing problem.

In the digital world, waterproofing system is not entirely a new thing. It addresses the need of people who like to use their gadgets in wet and moist places. Some companies that manufacture electronic devices incorporate different waterproofing technologies on their products. However, there are others that allow waterproofing be provided by different companies. One perfect example is the gadgets released by Apple, most especially the iPhone. There are many companies that manufacture waterproof iPhone cases to protect the entire unit from any damage that water can make. More and more people are enjoying the company of their iPhone in places like the water parks, swimming pool and the beach because of this invention.

Actually, finding cases is relatively easy compared to choosing the right one that fits your needs. Apart from the cost, the things that you should consider when buying a case are: function and convenience. First of two, you bought a waterproof iPhone case to make your gadget not vulnerable to water. The case must be 100 percent waterproof, and it should be submersible. Second, you should buy a case that is clear and thin, so that you will be able to use the touch screen function of your phone. Moreover, when you make or receive calls, there shouldn't be any problem when you hear or talk. Generally, there should be no issues whatsoever regarding the use of any of the phone's features when the gadget is enclosed in the case.

What makes choosing a very tedious task to perform is when there are a lot of items in the selection. One good brand of iPhone cases is Aquapac. It is airtight; therefore, it does not only provide iPhone protection against water but also from dirt and dust. It fits other gadgets - MP3 players, GPS devices, smart phones - as well. The case has a unique Aquaclip opening system, which makes it completely submersible for up to 15 feet deep.

Another wonderful case is the one from LifeProof. Just like the Aquapac, it also provides protection against a multitude of hazards. It is actually designed to military specifications. In addition, there is a bonus General User Adaptor and Keeper for the headphone jack cover. It is very slim that the classic elegance of the iPhone will still be appreciated even if it enclosed therein. The convenience is not compromised since it only weighs less than an ounce. Finally, full functionality is maintained while the case gives optimal protection to the gadget.

The latest revolutionary waterproofing process is the one provided by Liquipel. A water-safe membrane is applied on the entire unit's body, making it invulnerable to any type of liquid splashes without the trouble of putting it in and out of a case. The material used to cover the iPhone is ultra thin that it is almost invisible to the unaided eyes. With this, undoubtedly, the elegance and functionality are both maintained.

There are surely a lot more iPhone case brands out there; and to narrow down the selection, you must have standards. You should identify the features of the cases you think are good. You may be looking for something with many various features, but make certain that you do not forget the most essential aspects: protection, convenience and functionality.

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