In ground or above ground?  

by Pool Builders on 11-22-2010 in Articles

This is the first decision you need to make when you're thinking about building a pool. What do you want to do in the pool? You may want an above-ground pool for the children to play around in for fun, but an in-ground pool for swimming laps. An in-ground pool is often better suited to a large yard, whereas above-ground pools are easier to install in a smaller yard.

Above Ground
Above-ground pools usually cost less. However, some styles of above ground pool need to be taken apart and stored over winter, which is a big task. The costs are lower because they do not need significant construction. No backhoe or other heavy equipment is needed, nor is a concrete pour. However, they are not as long lasting as the in-ground option; the typical lifespan is around five to ten years, depending on weather conditions and the chemicals used.

The answer for those who don't want the bigger commitment that comes along with installing an in-ground pool, they can be disassembled easily if you decide that you're not up for the maintenance requirements that are part of owning a pool. If you move, you can take the pool with you. An above ground pool is also much faster to assemble. Usually, your choices will be restricted to oval or round pools of a few pre-determined sizes, and they are usually not any deeper than about four feet of water.

In Ground
In-ground pools have a more permanent and quality look, and increase the value of your home. They provide many features that are not available with above-ground pool design, ranging from waterfalls to diving boards to elegant granite sides. They can be larger than above-ground pools and can be built in virtually any design, shape and size.

Also, in ground pools are more versatile. If you plan to do any diving into your pool, you must choose an in-ground style. Above-ground pools are only set about a foot below ground level, and safe diving is just not possible in them. They are hardly ever over four feet deep. However, in ground pools will often be 10 or twelve feet deep. If you specifically would like a diving pool, it can be built even deeper.

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