Incorporating Safety Pool Fence and Other Measures for Pool Security  

by Pool Builders on 07-10-2013 in Articles

Swimming is a recreational exercise that has many advantages; swimming teaches you to fight your fear of water and enjoy the resplendent beauty that it offers like getting acquainted with the undersea creatures and plants, exercising your limbs, indulging in water sports and saving your or someone else's life. Focusing on the security point of view, there are certain measures to ensuring the safety of your children in and around pool area. These measures are:

1. Safety pool fence: lately there has been a rise in death of children due to drowning. According to a survey conducted recently the number of children who have died due to improper safety measures in and around a swimming pool are more than 400 in number. Therefore there's an essential need for safety pool fencing. A fence around the pool would ensure that your children never wander far away from the pool area.

2. Vinyl gate hardware: it is fairly easy for children to wander away from vinyl gate if there is no lock installed on the doors. In order to secure this area you need to use sturdy vinyl gate hardware that will not only ensure the protection of your child but also give you a break from perpetually worrying about them.

3. Supervision: never let your children get in a swimming pool that is unguarded. Children have a mind of their own; they rarely understand what is good for them it is therefore necessary to watch them all the time so adult supervision is a must for children.

4. Medical facilities: Make sure that the adult supervisor has a first aid box with him in case of any mishap. A medical kit can come in handy if a child has accidentally hurt himself, it would also be wise to have a telephone or mobile nearby for any emergencies. A lifeguard should have knowledge about CPR in case a child has swallowed too much water.

5. Gate and pool alarms: Many a times children wander away to the poolside area alone if you have a gate alarm or a pool alarm installed whenever children roam within the periphery of the swimming pool, it will alert you of their presence. You can easily maneuver your child away from the pool and into the safety of your home.

Other than the above mentioned safety measures you must also regularly check the drains and suction covers, keep a check on the pool and spa covers of your swimming pool. Make sure you have paddle boards that will help to keep your children afloat when he is in the water and remove any type of toys after using the swimming pool to avoid luring a child towards it when not in use. The safety pool fence and sturdy vinyl gate hardware are a must to ensure the safety of your children. Swimming can only be a fun activity if these safety measures are present to avoid any fatal consequences for your child. Be a responsible parent or guardian and protect your loved ones from any form of danger.

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