Increasing the Fun of a Swimming Pool With a Pool Slide

by Pool Builders on 03-02-2014 in Articles

A backyard pool is certain to offer a variety of fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. But adding in a pool slide can offer extra excitement for the younger pool users. Pool slides are available in a range of sizes and configurations to complement both the above ground and in-ground swimming pool. It is even possible to include the inflatable water slide. Provided the pool slides are well secured and attached in place, they offer a very safe addition to any type of backyard pool. Here are the three major types of pool slides:


An appealing aspect of the in-ground slides is the wide range of shapes and sizes. A common design is the basic straight slides, although the more fun slides can include left or right facing turns. The most exciting slides are certain to include the 360° turn. It is even possible to get the in-ground slides able to blend with the existing poolside rockscapes and landscaping. The chosen slide is often determined by the size and layout of the pool and the available space boarding the pool area.

Above ground

An above ground slide is available in much fewer design configurations compared to the in-ground alternatives. These slides aren't permanent fixtures and are easily removed and attached to the poolside as required. Most of the slides are designed to attach direct to the pool deck surrounding the swimming pool. Also, these slides are smaller and unable to generate as much speed since the water in the above ground pools is far shallower.


An inflatable pool slide can include a custom landing pool, which makes them a practical choice for those that do not own a backyard pool. They are easily inflated using a regular electric blower system similar to what is used for inflatable the large-scale bounce castles and houses. Inflatable pool slides easily attach to the pool decking to make them a simple and cost-effective option for increasing the pool based activities. An attractive feature of the inflatable pools is the low-cost investment. Many of the slides are much more affordable compared to the permanent or semi-permanent designs made for the in-ground and above ground pools.

Irrespective of the type of in-ground or above ground swimming pool at home, you are certain to find a slide that is able to increase the fun activities and keep the family cool all summer long.

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