Indoor Swimming Pool Choices

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2014 in Articles

Whether you are living in a cold or warm climate, an indoor swimming pool offers a variety of advantages. A major quality of the indoor pool is the ability to use it year-round. Also, a swimming pool on the property is certain to help with increasing the market value.

Using the right materials

When it comes to installing the indoor pool, there are several choices related to construction materials. Common choices include fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. A cost-effective option includes the vinyl structures. Fiberglass is the most difficult and expensive to install. But, the fiberglass pools offer the benefit of being the easiest to maintain. Also, the fiberglass models aren't so dependent on chemicals to help support the quality of the water.

Indoor pools come in wide range of shapes and sizes. It is possible to create the waterfall pool, spa and pool combination, or indoor beach pool. Similar to the backyard pools, you are entirely open to your imagination when it comes to designing the custom pool. The initial installation cost for the custom design is high, but the unique pools offer a greater chance of adding value to the property.

Expected costs with indoor pools

The cost of installing the indoor pool can vary significantly. This cost is highly dependent on the chosen materials. For a full professional installation, the cost is in the region of $25,000 to $85,000. When searching for the reliable pool contractor, make sure to contact three or four different companies to get a better appreciation of the available options and prices.

Install a vapor barrier

A vapor barrier is beneficial to install between the pool area and other areas of the property. This type of barrier is installed to stop the vapor escaping the pool room and entering other areas of the home. It also helps to have the surrounding walls and ceiling moisture-proofed to make sure the entire structure is protected against potential damp and moisture issues in the future.

Include a dehumidifier

A swimming pool inside the home has the potential to create significant humidity. This is easily prevented by installing a suitable sized dehumidifier system. They create the more comfortable climate and cut the potential growth of mildew and mold.

Have the proper safety measures in place

Even if a lock is placed on the pool door, it still benefits to add other safety measures. An indoor pool can benefit from an alarm system or safety cover for those times it isn't in use. By installing the proper safety mechanisms, it is much easier to make sure the children and family pets are kept safe.

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