Indoor Swimming Pools- The Benefits of Indoor Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 05-30-2011 in Articles

The real benefits of indoor swimming pools cannot be understood until you understand the benefits of swimming. Swimming is excellent exercise. It is great for everyone, but for some, it is the only form of exercise they can do. Those who suffer from various forms of arthritis or other painful ailments may only be able to get exercise from swimming, as other forms of exercise are simply too painful. Swimming and water aerobics are much gentler on joints and sore muscles, and offer resistance without heavy weights. It is a great way for everyone to get exercise without feeling like they are exercising and it gets kids moving while having fun.

Indoor swimming pools are great because it allows everything that happens in a pool in the summer to happen all year long, regardless of temperatures or weather. Rain, snow, or sleet swimming and water aerobics can take place in doors. This also comes in handy for physical therapy as many types are done in the water to aid in healing after an accident or surgery. While it may not seem to be much fun for those who enjoy swimming in the sun, it is really great for swimming when the outside weather will not allow.

Another great thing about indoor swimming pools is decreased sun exposure. For those with sensitive skin, or the elderly, or those who just simply do not wish to be exposed to the sun, indoor pools are a great option. With the risks of sunburns and skin cancer becoming more and more of a concern, many would prefer to swim indoors. While not widely installed residentially, many clubs and public pools are indoors. The main reason for most residential homes not having indoor pools installed is the added expense of building the sunroom type area around it.

Indoor pools require special ventilation systems, and can cause utility bills to go up. They are typically built of mostly glass, but this is not a necessity. Rather many just enjoy have a sunny area to swim, but want the benefits indoor swimming pools have to offer. Considering that you have basically a whole other room added to your home, on top of the expense of the pool, the costs can really add up to deter most homeowners from taking the plunge. The only time the weather should prevent swimming in an indoor pool is in the case of lightening, when it not safe to be in the water.

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