Inexpensive Themes for Your Kid's Birthday Party  

by Pool Builders on 08-30-2013 in Articles

Planning a birthday party for an adult is more or less simple. However, planning a child's birthday party can prove to be a challenge. Kids love extravagant things such as clowns, magicians and ponies, which can prove to be quite expensive. Nevertheless, using a little ingenuity, you can organize a unique birthday party for your child, on a budget. Theme parties are the current fad when it comes to celebrating kids' birthdays. You can choose from a wide range of available themes or you could create your own. Pick a theme that is creatively appealing, while at the same time inexpensive to execute. Here are a few themes you can adapt for your party.

Who's that Under the Hood?

Hosting a costume party is the easiest way of providing a unique touch to your celebration, without incurring any extra costs. Plus, kids love to dress up in costumes. Just mention the special clause in your party invitations and have kids dressed as superheroes, princesses, and pirates, knocking on your front door. This wide array of interesting characters is sure to grab a few eyeballs around the neighborhood and make your party an instant success. You can have a special prize for best costume, to ensure parents put in their 100% when creating their child's costume.

Treasure Island

Kids are adventurous by nature. Using this to your advantage, you can host a treasure hunt as part of a theme, for your child's birthday party. Divide the kids into two teams and provide them with clues to a hidden treasure. Use the house and the backyard to increase the scope of the search area. Refrain from using the front of your house, to avoid children running on the street. Kids will spend the evening following one clue after another, until they reach the grand prize. Who knows, one of these kids might grow up to be a detective.

The Birthday Cup

Kids love playing soccer as an after school activity. So, it would be a great idea to host a soccer themed party. Install two goal posts on either side of your backyard and let the kids have a soccer match. Each player from the winning team should be awarded a special prize to ensure a healthy competition. The losing team can also be awarded a small prize for participation. You can even bake a cake that looks like a football to add to the theme.


If you have a large enough pool in your backyard, you can organize a pool party. Kids can bring their swimming trunks and take a dip in the pool. They can engage in swimming competitions or play pool volleyball to win special prizes. A barbecue in the backyard would make a great addition to this party. This will allow the kids to enjoy their food, while they're still in the pool. A pool party coupled with a barbecue is an incredibly fun way of celebrating a birthday, and it is easy to organize. Kids love swimming pools and barbecues, so it's a win, win.

All of the above mentioned party themes can be executed on a modest budget. These party themes will help you celebrate your child's birthday, without encroaching upon his college fund.

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