Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool This Summer  

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2014 in Articles

Regardless of what part of the U.S. you hail from, last winter was an unpleasant ordeal. Between the freezing-cold temperatures and endless snowfalls, the previous summer seemed like a distant memory. The relentlessly horrible weather made spending time outdoors - or even leaving the house - ill-advised. Because many roads were plagued by slick, icy driving conditions, a fair number of people spent the winter months cooped up inside. Being housebound for nearly six months is enough to leave even the most dedicated homebody reeling from cabin fever.

However, with the return of warm weather, summer lovers across the country have reason to rejoice. At long last, it's time to ditch the knit hat, ski boots and parka and break out your favorite swimsuit. But before spending hours in the sun, keep in mind that summer weather comes with its own set of dangers. Exhaustion and heat stroke can occur without warning, so it's imperative that you take measures to keep yourself cool. Luckily, there are many ways to beat the summer heat without emptying out your wallet. So if you want to stay cool all summer while sticking to a budget, you can't go wrong with the following tips.

Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Having your home's central air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced annually can keep your family cool during the summer months. Failure to clean the unit, swap out filters and replace worn-out components can result in an insufficiently cooled home filled with overheated occupants. Without regular maintenance, your AC's exhaust can become clogged, its coils can overheat and the central unit can become unresponsive. Additionally, the small annual maintenance fees you'll pay are nothing compared to the hefty repair bills you'll incur after neglecting to have your AC serviced.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

There's no better way to escape sweltering heat than a dip in the pool. While many houses found in consistently warm parts of the country are equipped with in-ground swimming pools, homes in areas that are prone to cold weather generally don't have them. Because of the exorbitant excavation and tiling costs associated with in-ground pool installation, this type of pool isn't a wise investment for people in certain states. Why sink tens of thousands of dollars into something you can only use three months out of the year?

If you want the convenience of a private pool without having to pay top dollar, consider purchasing an above-ground swimming pool. These pools come in a variety of sizes, are easy to install and can be purchased for about one tenth of the cost of their in-ground counterparts. As an added bonus, when fall rolls around, most above-ground pools can easily be dismantled and put in storage until summer makes its return.

Exercising at Opportune Times

Being able to comfortably engage in outdoor exercise is one of the primary perks of summertime. Unfortunately, going for a jog, power walk or bike ride while the sun is in full swing can be very uncomfortable. Spending a good deal of time outdoors during the sun's peak hours can lead to sunburn, heatstroke and extreme fatigue. To protect yourself from the aforementioned dangers, make a point of exercising in the early hours of the morning or after the sun has gone down. These times of day are significantly cooler than late morning and early afternoon while still being warm enough to keep fitness buffs comfortable.

Staying cool during the balmy summer months can be a difficult - and oftentimes expensive - undertaking. By familiarizing yourself with cost-effective ways to beat the heat, you'll be able to get through the summer with minimal discomfort and keep your savings fully intact.

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