Infant Swim - Pool Safety and Accident Prevention

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2011 in Articles

When it comes to infant swim classes you can be assured you're doing the right thing. When you have children, and a pool, you need to be extremely responsible and pay attention to the dangers. We discuss four simple measures that you should take to make sure that your child and your pool are both in the best shape to prevent any unpleasant outcomes. When it comes to young children and water, it really is a serious matter.

Fence off your pool: This is one of the first things we tell clients when they have young children. Make sure that you fence off the pool so that your young ones can not get into the pool area. Many parents make this mistake because they always think they have their eyes on their children. Children, however, are more quick and slippery then their parents think. A child can disappear outside in a flash before a parent will even realise. Fencing off your pool doesn't need to be expensive and it can give you absolute peace of mind.

Teach your kids to swim: Get your infant to swim as soon as possible. A lot of parents are starting to teach their infant to swim for the age of six months. The earlier you get them in the water, the better. The best time to start classes for your infant is between the age of six months and twelve months old. This is the optimal time for them to learn. You should make sure that you spend the first couple years of your child's life teaching them to swim and protect themselves in the water.

Supervise: At no time should you leave kids unsupervised at the pool. This is one of the biggest mistakes that parents can make. They think they can quickly pop into the kitchen or bathroom without any consequences. Make sure that if you have kids swimming that there is always somewhere their to supervise. If you need to go into the house, get the kids out of the water so that you can feel safer and not worry while doing other duties.

Learn CPR: It is so important to know how to resuscitate someone. These classes are often run by local authorities. This is especially important if you have young children.

Be sure to follow these four safety guidelines and you will have peace of mind when your infant does swim.

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