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by Pool Builders on 12-12-2010 in Articles

Having a pool in the house is considered to be a luxury by many. But one thing that you will have to understand is that along with this luxury comes a whole lot of responsibilities and duties which you will have to undertake. One of the major duties is to ensure the cleanliness of the pool. It is a well-known fact that stagnant water accumulates a lot of dirt and disease causing pathogens and pests. If you would like to keep your lake free of all these undesirable elements and would like to enjoy the pond, you will have to take care of the cleansing of the pond. If you have an inground swimming pool, cleaning it will be a bit more challenging as you will not be able to just drain out all the water and fill in fresh water.

There are numerous inground pool cleaners available in the market which you will be able to make use of very easily. There are several varieties of the inground lake cleaners and the choice will depend on copious factors. One of the most prominent factors is the size of the pool. For a bigger puddle, you will have to go for the inground lake cleaners with have greater capacity. The choice of the inground pond cleaners will also depend on the kind of water that is being used and the main part of the puddle that you would like to clean.

The main working principle behind these inground pool cleaners is rather simple. The water will be sucked and pumped up into a chamber where the water will be passed through numerous membranes which will collect all the dirt and other materials. Then the water will get treated with a few chemicals like chlorine to eliminate bacteria. The cleansed water will then be released back into the lake. The puddle cleaners basically circulate the water and clean it. There are also a few inground pool cleaners which will perform all these functions within the swimming pool itself.

You will also be able to clean the surface of the pool with some of the advanced inground pool cleaners. These equipments will slowly move around the floor of the pond and will cleanse the surface with the help of a rotary brush or by vacuum cleansers. These puddle cleaners will ensure that your lake is clean and safe for use.

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