Information on Installing an Inground Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-08-2009 in Articles

If you are looking for a long lasting way to cool off in those hot summer days then check out what an inground pool can do for you.

Inground pools are swimming pools are pools that are dug into the ground anywhere from one foot on the shallow end to nine plus feet on the deeper end. There is an instillation process that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the crew you have working for you and the added features your request for the pool.

The instillation process starts out by outlining the area for the pool, you can have a pool built to any size you would like, and any shape you would like. The most common is a square or bean shape that allows you to swim from one end to the other without any difficulty. It is important to note you must also make an outline of all swimming jets and side filters before you begin digging. once you have the outline made and drawn out you can begin digging the hole. The digging is commonly done with a backhoe in order to speed up the process and effectively remove the dirt.

With the hole dug the next step is adding in rebar to add structural support to the pools shape. The rebar is commonly run in rows all inside the hole and a couple feet outside for a sidewalk type border around the pool. Depending on your personal wants you can have a sidewalk as small as one foot, or as large as five or six feet, the instillation process has many options for customization.

With the rebar laid out in place the next step is laying the concrete. When laying out the concrete is important not to build up to much of a layer on the bottom of the pool to where it is not as deep as it was originally intended. The concrete has to be laid and smoothed out all along the inside and outside border of the swimming pool to keep it in place and hide the rebar.

With the concrete laid and smoothed out you have to give it a setting time of at least twenty four hours. With the concrete dried you move on to the last step installing filters, connecting the water supply, and setting up any additional features.

Inground pools are a great way to relax and cool off when it gets too hot, so if you are in the market check out how fast you can have an inground pool installed in your backyard.

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