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by Pool Builders on 09-05-2010 in Articles

Solar pool rings are a must buy for people who have swimming pools in their homes. If you have a pool in your home and you have not heard about these rings then you must go through this article. This article will offer you everything you would want to know about these rings.

Solar pool rings are basically a simple version of solar pool covers. They are round disks of plastic. If you float them in the surface of your pool they will capture the sunlight, store the heat and then transfer it into the water of the pool making it warm. Though this may sound very simple, the technology that goes behind the working of these rings, it is quite complex. Each ring consists of 2 sheets of ultra violet ray resistant vinyl. The upper sheet, which remains exposed into the air, is of a very light color and the lower layer, which remains below the surface of the water, is blue in color. The work of the first sheet is to capture the sun's rays and transfer it to the second layer whereas the work of the second sheet is to transform the ray into heat and transfer the heat to the water and as a result warm the water of the pool.

Solar pool rings not only keep the water of your pool warm during the day but also during the night. You can not disagree that this is a great benefit. But this is not the only benefit that they offer. The other benefits that these rings offer are-

- The rings are provided with magnets on the sides so that they remain attached to each other and cover your entire pool in a formation.
- They are really easy to clean unlike solar pool covers because whenever the scrubber gets stuck somewhere the rings separate to make way for the scrubber to get out.
- These are also quite useful as it reduces the growth of algae in your pool by allowing sunlight to enter your pool.
- They work great on both chlorine pools and salt pools. Moreover it does not even matter whether you are using them on over the ground level pools on the ground level pools. They work the same in every condition.
- Another good benefit of these rings is that in windy days you can fill the outer part of these rings with water to weigh them down so that they do not fly away.

These benefits can only be enjoyed with solar pool rings. So throw away your solar pool blankets and give these rings a try.

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