Inground Pool Cleaners - Everything You Need To Know About Them

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2010 in Articles

Inground pool cleaners function under the concept of Hydraulics. They were invented by a Belgian Congo-born engineer named Ferdinand Chauvier. He transferred to South Africa and invented the first automatic pool cleaner in 1951, as a solution to the tedious and repetitive task of pool-cleaning. His invention does not require the use of any harmful chemicals and it functions together with a pool filter.

In 1974, the very first commercially-available automatic cleaner was released by the same inventor. He called it the Kreepy Krauly. Today, it has almost 2 million users and remains to be a popular choice among buyers. Its feature-packed design and sturdy build is known worldwide. Its efficient customer service and unbeatable warranty coverage are its best advantages over other brands.

Having an effective maintenance routine for your pool can be beneficial in the long run. A well-maintained pool has safer waters for your family to swim in. Besides this, the pool just looks better with clean and bacteria-free water. A well-built pool cleaner is a good investment that many pool owners will enjoy today and for the years to come.

There are many pool cleaners to choose from and each model is built differently. Being informed and doing some research can take the guess work out of picking a cleaner. It is important to define what benefits you expect to get out of your cleaner before buying one. A suitable pool cleaner that is made for its dimensions and specifications will help you maximize your pool's usage. Many pool supply stores offer their consultation for free. Just be sure to have in hand your pool's measurements and type of filtration system.

The more common types of cleaners are the suction-side driven, pressure-side driven, robotic and return-side driven cleaners. The last one, though, has lost its popularity due to high maintenance costs. Its dedicated motor pump and need for bigger volumes of water make it less energy-efficient and costly to maintain. Older pools may still have these cleaners but new pool buyers prefer to use more modern pool cleaners.

The pressure side-driven cleaner is a close off-shoot of the return side-driven pool cleaner. It functions under the same concept but it uses 2 motor pups instead. The additional pump is a booster to help increase water flow and pressure. It may be more efficient than its predecessor but a pressure-driven pool cleaner runs on more energy because of its extra motor pump. However, a few pool owners don't mind the added cost because of its increased efficiency.

A suction side cleaner is another popular option. It looks like a vacuum cleaner that sucks dirt from the pool floor through its underside. Owners of this kind of automatic cleaner rave about its ease of usage and assembly. For lazy pool owners, robotic inground cleaners are the best choice. You can leave it alone and it does the work by itself. It has motion sensors that keep it from bumping into walls and other obstacles.

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