Inground Pool Cleaners - Take the Debris Out of Your Inground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2009 in Articles

Without any doubt, the best pool to have in your garden or backyard is indeed an in ground swimming pool. It changes your landscape forever, and is an essential addition that helps to enhance the beauty of your home.

One of the major features of having your own pool is to swim and take a dip whenever you want. And in ground pool cleaners help you in this regard by removing the dirt and letting you relax and cool off.

You must choose your in ground pool cleaners carefully depending on few major factors, however, the most essential thing that you must consider while choosing an in ground pool cleaner is the competence of its performance and its construction Your in ground pool cleaner must have the capability to handle the task of clearing the debris of your swimming pool on regular basis. It must also have the ability do a thorough job within a considerable amount of time.

Inground Pool Cleaners - The various Types

In ground swimming pool cleaners are basically of 3 major types to choose from: manual, automatic and robotic.

Manually Operated Inground Pool Cleaners - Manually operated in ground pool cleaners functions in a similar way as your home vacuum cleaner. This cleaners have a bag that collects and gathers the dirt and debris from your in ground pool. The major advantage of using such manually powered in ground equipment is that it can be directed into any awkward corners which your in ground swimming pool may have.

Automatic Inground Swimming Pool Cleaners - Automatic in ground pool cleaner function almost similarly to a manually operated in ground pool cleaner, except that they need electricity to run and can do the job more meticulously and much faster. They are available in varying price range, and are most suitable for customers on tight budget.

Robotic Inground Swimming Pool Cleaners - Robotic in ground swimming pool cleaners are the most costly option, but if you really want to protect your investment, they are possibly the best choice.

The reason why an in ground pool is quite expensive to maintain is due mainly for their complex design. In ground swimming pools are generally landscaped and have complicated pool shapes. As a result, increased amount of dirt and debris get collected at the walls and floors of your in ground swimming pool. This in turn becomes more difficult to eradicate and remove debris from the tight corners.

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