Inground Pool Ladders Increase Accessibility To Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2012 in Articles

The first step is to consider how swimmers will enter and exit your pool. Exterior pool ladders are obviously essential to climbing into an above-ground pool that's high up, but inground pool ladders can be just as important, particularly if your pool has a substantial deep end. There are many styles to choose from. An in-pool ladder is often economical and easy and quick to attach. Some can be weighted down with water instead of sand or bricks. Or you can choose a more elaborate style that features steps, which are also simpler for children, the elderly and virtually anyone with physical limitations to navigate. Choose a sturdy model that can accommodate several hundred pounds, with handrails and wide, flat steps that are textured or coated to preventing slipping. (The steps may even become a convenient place to lounge or sit.) Pool ladders come in many styles, so shop around for one that suits your needs.

Making sure inground pool ladders are easy and safe to use is critical as well. Pool accessories such as lighting add value to the overall landscaping, but they make it safer to enjoy the pool at dusk or at night, too. You can install basic LED lights, colorful mood lights that put on a dynamic light show, or utilize floating bubbles that bob along the water. A portable timer designed for outdoor use ensures your lights will turn on and off like clockwork.

Accessibility also means safety. Because the existence of a swimming pool means there's an abundant source of water sloshing around, it's important to ensure your nearby surfaces are slip resistant. This can be achieved simply and attractively, with either a pool coating that you may brush onto decks, steps, shower rooms and more, or by installing slip-resistant tiles, sheets or rolls that can be customized to your individual property. Basic safety mats, safety grips and aquatic matting provide additional traction to floors and other surfaces as well. When the pool is not in use, count on fencing and pool alarm systems to prevent children, pets and unwanted visitors from entering to the water.

Responsible pool owners and operators also know how important it is to keep safety gear on hand for emergencies. In addition to a first-aid kit, stock items like the Life Hook and U.S. Coast Guard-approved life rings; these items can save a life in an instant. The safer you make your pool, the more accessible it becomes and the easier it is for everyone to use and enjoy.

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