Inground Pool Prices and Products - Which Type of Inground Pool is Best?

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The Contractors
Perhaps the most important aspect to determining the inground pool prices is the contract company you decide to use for the renovation process.

This is an area where you do not want to save money - you want to spend it!

Check your local listings for contractors willing to do the job at a good price, then ask if it would be okay to go and inspect one of their pools. It might sound a little unusual, but many pool contractors will be happy to give you the address of hotels, or community centers where they have done work before - this is a sign that they are proud of their work, and more or less relaible. You can then enquire at the specific location if they have had any problems with their specific installation.

Any pool contractor that is not willing to give you any information may be a bit dubious, check the rest of the market before returning the them with questions. Each company has their own standards - be sure to choose one you think has the highest!

Also, be sure that your chosen contractor is capable of evaluating the site, soil types, and that they know zoning, building and requirements for grading!

All this knowledge will save you in the long run with your specific inground pool prices.

The Site
If you are able to get the approval for your pool, be sure to really consider where you will put it! Be sure to layout the desired area with stakes, and see if it is possible to live happily without walking through that area. This sounds like a simple thing, but many people build and pool and then find out it is harder to get items through to the other side of the yard...

Consider the location. If this is a pool that children will frequent, be sure to keep it out in the open, not hidden behind garden greenery for the childrens sake. Always keep it in view of a window, if there is nobody outside to supervise. Also remember that a dive pool will have a drastically different design than one for family get togethers - always keep your pools use in mind!

Pick a spot where the sun will shine for that largest part of the day. Cold pools are unpleasant, and while being shaded under a tree sounds nice, the leaf cleanup will be very unpleasant everyday, not to mention birds or other animals that are likely to fall in and drown. Also think about access to the house for people to get changed, and where accessories and cleaning equipment will be stored.

Never locate a pool under power lines...obviously. It is also important to keep it out of an area where water is likely to run, a flooded yard is unpleasant at the best of times, but having clean all the dirt and grass from the pool is even more so.

Soil doesn't play much of a part in the actual installation of the pool. if you're yard is very rocky, it WILL cost you more in the end of the day - since the crew will take longer to get threw the ground, and it will take more manpower to move the rocks from the soil. Evey detaial really does count!

The Style
There are 3 main types of inground pools: Fiberglass, Vinyl, and Concrete. There are other types I have heard of using unsual compounds but always buy one of these three. Each of them will require a pump, filter, drains, returns, plastic piping, and a chemical feeder.

Fiberglass pools are premade upon their arrival to your house, they are very popular due to their inexpensive cost, and very quick installation, these typically come in the $30k-$50k range - but size is a huge variable with these pools. They also inhibit the growth of algae and so can save you money on cleaning. It does cost a little bit more to get installed since they require the use of a crane to get dropped into place, and this will may not be possible based on where you are living. Once the pool is lowered into place, it is fitted and filtered and the crew will fill the site and fill the pool with water. If you choose fiberglass you'll want to consider the production methods through which the pool was made - simply ask if the crew is factory trained to deal with your specific type of pool.

Vinyl pools are the least expensive of all three, and the most popular - typically ranging at around $20k and under for most lot sizes. They are very easy to maintain and their installation varies depending on the type of package you opt to go with. typically a wall is constructed of wood, and poured with concrete to hold the pool shape in place. Always ask how the wall materials will affect the pools longevity since they walls can be made of different materials. Linters are typically replaced every 10years, depending on how frequent the yare used. Add another 5 years if you live in a place where cold winters are common.

Concrete pools are the most attractive choice. Cement pools take the longest time, but are by far the most attractive. They can be shaped into any design - yes, you can live like a rockstar with a guitar shaped pool! All the details like stairs etc are all shaped freehand and this price will vary depending on the type of contractor but you can usually shoot for anywhere in the $45k-$60k area in most places around the world (USD), although with all the available options and designn possibilities I have worked with owners who are willing to spend (and have spent) upwards of $100k. Typically, however, they are traditionally more expensive than the first two - although well worth extra dollars in my opinion. In particular the paint and finish with concrete pools is limited only by the colours you can think of - and this really adds a nice personal touch to your new investment. Concrete finishes typically need resurfacing every 10-15years. This time can be longer or shorter depending on a number of factors - namely climate. Ask your contractor for more information.

The Law
Most insurance companies will require that you have a fence built around your new pool, but if you haggle with the contractor you can often get a deal on the fence considering the amount you are investing to get the pool done in the first place.

The pool also has to be cleaned frequently, so keep and eye on the market for new and improved cleaners that appear very regularly. Never, ever put something into your pool that you are unsure about. And always, if possible, try and find a review online about what to use and what not to use. has our own suggestion of products that you can find here on our site, and the prices offered should help you cut down of inground pool prices at the end of the day.

For more information you can check out similar articles and more in depth looks at these particular pool types at

Happy Swimming!

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