Inground Pools: 6 Tips for DIY Excavation  

by Pool Builders on 06-12-2012 in Articles

Inground pools now come in kit form so installing one yourself is now a far more plausible prospect than it has been in years past. So really then for the do-it-yourselfer the only real cost beyond purchasing the pool itself is having the excavation work done.

That is unless you plan on doing that yourself as well. Excavating inground pools is a daunting task but nonetheless it can be done by a homeowner if they know the right steps to take. So keep on reading so you can pick up a few tips that you can use to not make the job of digging your pool any more difficult than it should be.

#1-The first thing you need to do is to assess what type of ground you have under you. Soft ground is optimal because it's easily dug out but if you have hardpan ground, rocky ground or even worse yet, large boulders, it may turn out to be a job that's too difficult for a do-it-yourselfer.

#2-Tip number two is to purchase some study material online, so you can learn how to operate a piece of heavy equipment. What you will be using is called a backhoe in there are DVDs available that give step-by-step instructions on how to run one. Learning on your own in your backyard is for sure not the way to go.

#3-Tip number three is to locate a rental yard were you can rent a heavy piece of equipment like this. You don't need any special license so anyone with the money can walk right in and rent one. Now you're also going to need a dump-truck too so make sure that they have one available so you can use it to haul all the dirt away.

#4-The next big tip here is to make sure that you get a proper permit for digging before you get started. Also while you're doing this you need to check with your local county records office to make sure that there's no underground utilities located were you plan on digging.

#5-Another good tip is to locate someone who wants some fill dirt. Someone who has a lot for instance that has a slope that they want filled in. Having a place to dump your fill dirt means that you won't have to pay any dump fees because you may be surprised at how expensive they can be.

#6-Then your last word of advice here is to not be dissuaded by people telling you that it can't be done. Operating heavy equipment is not rocket science. There's about six different levers that you'll be using and each one has a specific purpose. Learn what they are and what they do and then it's simply a matter of operating them with finesse.

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